How to use Instagram Downloader | by InDown

How to download photos and videos on Instagram? How to download Instagram online? As of now, Instagram has not yet opened the download feature on their app. So, in this article I will show you how to use to save Instagram photos or videos to your phone or computer without installing software. is an online Instagram downloader that works on a web browser, it allows you to download your favorite Instagram content such as: Videos, Photos, Stories, IG Reels, Highlights, Insta DP to your phone or computer directly on the web browser without needing to install software. In particular, this tool is compatible with all devices and platforms such as PC, iPhone, Android and is completely free.

Step 1: Copy Instagram link

  • Open the Instagram app or visit the website in a browser.
  • On Instagram, find and open the post with the video or photo you want to download.
  • Tap the Three Dots or Share icon and continue selecting Copy Link from the list that appears.


Step 2: Paste the Instagram link into

  • Open a browser and visit the website (Instagram Downloader).
  • Paste the copied Instagram link into the search box at the top of the page and press the Download button to start the process of extracting data from Instagram.


Step 3: Save videos or photos from Instagram

  • After the extraction process is complete. All photos and videos included in the Instagram post will appear.
  • Final. Tap the Download button below of any photo or video to save it to your device.



- If you get an error or can't find the photo, video you want to download, use Private downloader: and follow the instructions to download your photo or video.

During use, if you encounter an error, please contact us for support: [email protected]