Instagram DP Downloader (Insta DP)

Download Instagram DP - Download Profile Picture from Instagram online


Online Instagram DP Downloader

Instagram DP Downloader (SaveInsta DP) is a useful tool that helps users easily download Instagram DP (Profile, Profile Picture, Video and Image) quickly. This tool is designed to work on a web browser so it supports all platforms and devices such as PC, tablet, iPhone or Android, ...etc.

Insta DP is one of the premium features of which is very useful for downloading all users' photos and videos on Instagram including profile picture. You just need to copy and paste the profile page link into the search box on InDown and press the Download button, then you can download all the images and videos of this account to your device easily.

How to view and download Instagram DP for free?

  • On Instagram, find and open the profile page of the user you want to download.
  • Tap the Three Dots icon and select Copy Profile Page URL or copy it from your browser's address bar.
  • Open the Instagram DP download tool (, paste the copied profile link and the search box at the top of the page.
  • Next, press the Download button to extract all of this user's information from Instagram.
  • After finishing. All images and videos of this user will be displayed and you can save them to your device.

Does support private profile downloads?

Instagram DP download feature only supports downloading public Instagram profiles. Don't worry though, with private Instagram accounts you can use the private Instagram download tool ( to save these profiles to your device in a few simple steps.


Does Insta DP support download profile picture?

Sure, because this is the main task of this tool. In addition to supporting downloading profile pictures, it also allows you to view and download all photos and videos this user has ever posted.

How to download Instagram DP Full Size?

Open the browser on your device → Go to → Open Insta DP tool → Paste the profile link into the input field and press the Download button (Default: Images will be saved in highest quality).

Is Insta DP Downloader Free?

All free. Although Insta DP is a premium feature, it is provided for Instagram users to use completely free of charge. We only place some ads to maintain and upgrade the software.