Download Private Instagram: Video & Photo

Download Video, Photo, Story, Reels, Profile from Instagram private

Private Instagram Downloader - Download private Instagram video and photo

Private Instagram Download (SaveInsta Private) is a powerful feature, helping users easily download private Instagram posts or download Videos, Photos, Stories, IG Reels, Highlights from private Instagram accounts directly on the web browser without needing to install software.

Private Instagram downloader created by InDown, this is a unique feature created to overcome some of the disadvantages of regular Instagram downloaders. Using this feature, you can download any video or photo on Instagram without worrying about the downloader being blocked.

How to download private Instagram online?

For private Instagram posts, Videos and Photos posted by private Instagram accounts, Country-restricted videos, Age-restricted videos then private Instagram download feature is the best solution for downloading photos or videos from these posts to your device.

Note: To download another account's private photos or videos, you must submit a follow request and have the account owner approve your request. Only then will you have the right to view and download posts posted by this account.

Step 1: Open any browser on your device, go to and log in to your Instagram account (All must be done in the same browser).

Step 2: On Instagram, open the private video or photo you want to download and copy the link in your browser's address bar.


Step 3: On the same browser, open a new tab and visit the website (Private Instagram Download Tool), paste the private Instagram link in input field number 1.


- Immediately after that, a new link will be generated in input field number 2. Press the Copy button to save this link and the device's clipboard.


- Continue to open a new tab and access the link you just copied in input field number 2 (#2). This link is used to access the post's data.


Step 4: Highlight and copy all of the post's data (Note: Must copy the entire content without missing any characters).


Step 5: On the browser, reopen the tab (Private Instagram Download Tool) and paste all the copied text into input field number 3 (#).


Step 6: Press the Send data button and wait a few seconds for us to extract videos and photos from the data you provide.

Step 7: When the extraction process is completed. All photos and videos included in the private Instagram post will be visible and you can download them to your device.

Why should you use Private Instagram Downloader?

Instagram will always find ways to block Instagram download tools, so sometimes you will receive a notification that you cannot download Instagram photos or videos. In this case, private Instagram downloader is the only solution for you to download your favorite Instagram photos or videos without any problem.


What is private Instagram?

Private Instagram are posts set to private or Videos and Photos posted by a private Instagram account. When in this mode, only approved followers can see the posts posted by this account owner.

How to download private Instagram videos?

Visit the website using your device's browser and follow the instructions. This tool will help you download private Instagram Videos and Photos easily.

How does private Instagram downloader work?

For private Instagram posts, we do not have sufficient permissions to extract data directly from Instagram. So we need you to do it manually and provide us with the post's data. Based on the data you provide, will extract the photos and videos contained in the post.

Can I download someone else's private Instagram?

Of course. You can use to download someone else's private Instagram as long as you follow and have the consent of the account owner.

Is the private Instagram downloader free?

Sure. All features of are free including premium features. We only place some light ads to maintain the server and upgrade the software.